Optimization for Duplo DB is the way to deal with databases, data to be communicated and operations to be carried out.





Data Transfer





DuploDB® is optimized for the databases it works with.

When we created and developed the solution, we focused our attention on the update process, guaranteeing maximum speed and complete efficiency.


Communication between two identical databases is relatively simple. Synchronizing two or more, different in all respects, no.


But it is precisely thanks to the ability to respond to this critical aspect that DuploDB® is at the forefront: when a variation is communicated to the recipient database, DuploDB® queries it and updates the data in the most suitable way.


The ability to establish automatic conversion functions also allows you to transform source data into target data without the intervention of any operator, ensuring accuracy and speed.

For example, if the source database identifies a customer with a numeric code while the recipient with a sequence of letters, it is possible to automate the translation of the data.


Data Transfer

DuploDB® is optimized to ensure the most efficient ways of data transfer.

In fact, you can choose to transfer the entire file that has undergone changes or only the data that have been changed: while the first method, provided in all synchronization software, is very expensive in terms of bytes communicated and resources used, the second, one of the strengths of DuploDB®, enables maximum efficiency by combining the minimum effort to better performance.



DuploDB® is optimized to always guarantee maximum customization.

In fact, it allows you to write very complex logics to decide whether or not a record should be synchronized, and to specify in detail how to update the data.


A concrete manifestation of DuploDB®'s potential, as well as one of the points of excellence in the resources made available to users, is the stellar replica.

This method of update of the database is based on an organization where one system acts as a "star center", receiving and sending changes to the database which it serves.

A customer of a chain of supermarkets, provided with a loyalty card to record the accumulated shopping bonuses, will thus be able to shop in a store and, after a few minutes, go to another store with his card details updated.


Stellar replication makes DuploDB a safe, powerful and fast tool even when it connects hundreds of different databases with each other.




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