DuploDB's independence is a guarantee of adaptability, freedom of use and safety, and manifests itself on three fronts:



Host information system


Geographical location


Any program stops



Host information system

DuploDB works regardless of the platform on which it is installed (iSeries, Linux, Windows ...).

It can therefore also be used in environments with multiple operating systems and different types of databases (eg. DB2, Oracle, Postgres, MySql, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix...).

Thanks to the bidirectional alignment, each table can be both an update source, that is the place where a change is made, and a recipient of updates, that is the place that makes a change its own.


Geographical location

DuploDB works regardless of the geographical location of the databases to be synchronized.

In fact, all its communication takes place on the basis of the Unicode coding system and through the TCP/IP protocol.

This allows to make completely compatible and capable of notifying each other, databases based on double-byte systems (such as those located in China or Japan) and databases based on single-byte systems (as typically those of Western countries) .


Any program stops

The capture of variations works independently of any program stops.

DuploDB is in fact able to obtain the changes made by the Journal of the databases and by the Triggers.

These are two sources that operate in a completely autonomous way: if for some reason DuploDB should be temporarily deactivated, at its next restart it will record all the changes that have occurred.

No changes made to the databases will be lost.

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