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Who we are

Arket is a software house, whose strategic vision is to improve and provide products with high technological content, easy to use, powerful and simple to integrate, in order to guarantee an optimum ratio between costs and benefits for companies.

Our story begins in 1998, at the end of a professional career full of experiences in various companies. it is the know-how learned that convinced us that even the most advanced computer technology must be combined with a well-designed organisation in order to bring real benefits to the business world, pushing the limits of management solutions and the difficulties of integration with various business sectors.

Thanks to this experience and to the main objective of facilitating the integration with existing architectures, we have developed in these years a new generation of applications that, integrating easily into the ERP world, would allow these systems to make their full potential . The best of technology combined with ease of use everyone wants to find in a technological product.

Thanks to different skills, technical and human resources, presents in our company, we are able to offer a consulting service and flexible and valuable support, concrete, and always careful to customer's requirements who will always have from us the guarantee of results and of certain costs.