This feature allows you to monitor in great detail the data flows managed by DuploDB® and to analyze the statistics of each synchronization:

  • It is able to detect the flows generated by the Journal Reader, to understand what are the busiest tables in the various source systems
  • it is possible to analyze in real time the sending flows towards the various target systems
  • possibility to analyze the massive loading processes


This is very useful in the tuning phase of the synchronization processes, because it allows you to track the real-time detection of data flows:

  • it makes available the elements to assess if there are any critical issues, bottlenecks or analysis / configuration anomalies to be solved
  • it allows to analyze in detail any overloads in the synchronization processes and consequently provides useful indications for intervention on the product configuration.
  • It makes it easier to apply configuration/process optimizations


Often, in fact, the ways in which the management procedures process data are not known, thus making it difficult to correctly assess the impact that the introduction of a real-time data synchronization system such as DuploDB® may have.



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