Arneg: integration of italian informative system on AS/400 with brasilian informative system on Informix

Arneg Spa, leader in the commercial refrigeration sector, with offices and plants scattered all over the world, needed to integrate data and make two different ERP systems coexist, residing on different and geographically distant platforms (Italy-Brazil).


Without having to alter the structure of the information system in any way, thanks to DuploDB the company was able to integrate the Brazilian accounting system with the Italian ERP system in a short time.


Furthermore, the product made it possible to manage in real time a complete environment for carrying out the tests, easily configurable and replicable.



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Athena: connection between e-commerce portal (Mysql / PHP) with custom ERP (Mysql / Ruby)

Athena Spa is a company that operates in very different fields and is made up of four production sites in Italy, India, Brazil and distribution units in Spain and the USA.


The company's need was to speed up and automate data exchange operations between the aftermarket product portal and the company ERP.


DuploDB made it possible to manage the update between ERP and e-commerce portal and vice versa in real time, making the work of the users who manage the back-office more efficient and timely, without having to intervene at the application level or on the structure of the corporate information system.




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Jesse: logistics and ERP integration on AS / 400


Jesse Spa, a company of excellence that has been operating in the field of design furniture for over 100 years, has now become a solid international reality.


With this in mind, the company has chosen a new application dedicated to logistics, the management of which is a crucial asset for the company. Its introduction, however, triggered the problem of synchronizing information between this new software and the AS400 system.


This goal was achieved with our DuploDB software, which allowed data synchronization without modifying the two systems, but with a simple integration and with the further result of obtaining the desired data in real time.


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SINV: integration with the Stocksystem logistics application for the management of finished garments

Sinv Spa, a company in the fashion sector, is active internationally in the production and distribution of licensed clothing of prestigious brands.


The company needed to integrate its ERP with the StockSystem logistics software for the management of finished items and to monitor the flow of transactions, to be promptly notified in the event of anomalies.


Our DuploDB application was chosen to manage the flow of data from the ERP on AS / 400 to StockSystem and vice versa, in real time and without errors.

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