The characteristics of DuploDB®, with its versatility and efficiency, allow different types of users to derive immediate and lasting benefits for their organizations or for their customers.

DuploDB® can help:





Software houses


System integrators, developers, consultants



The IT Managers or the DBAs must deal with problems related to data interchange with some constancy.

These needs typically arise in companies that have offices in different geographic areas or that have not fully centralized IT functions.

Furthermore, DuploDB® is the ideal solution for companies with heterogeneous Software / DB architecture (departmental, portals, etc.), companies that must guarantee real-time updating of their data towards applications in vertical areas such as logistics, e-commerce, CRM, BI and Datawarehouses.


Those who produce software use DuploDB® as a communication module between their application (s) and the architectures of their customers, eliminating the need to manage data interchange interfaces that must be continuously modified.

In other cases DuploDB® is used by Software Houses which, having an offer of products that cover diversified functional areas (ERP and different departmental), need to have a unique technology that guarantees real-time alignment of data between the various applications.

SYSTEM INTEGRATORs, developers, consultants

Software integration and development activities often require dealing with complexities related to even substantial differences between new technologies and existing systems at the customer.

DuploDB is adopted in these cases by System integrators and Developers as a facilitating tool, able to significantly simplify the problems related to the exchange of data in real time.

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