DuploDB® has been designed with the aim of putting into communication the different applications used by your company, in real time, without blocking users' operations.

DuploDB®, in fact, manages data synchronization in a mono or bi-directional way, thus allowing updating between databases with the same or different structures, regardless of the platform/operating system.


Main features

  • The most popular DBMS (such as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.) and OS on the market are supported, making the most of the characteristics of each of them.
  • The capture and distribution of data takes place in a completely transparent way for the applications that need to be put into communication, so it doesn't require any kind of modification of the software.
  • You can configure simple or complex synchronization rules, based on the needs of the source and target applications.
  • The entire synchronization process is managed in a transactional way and is self-controlled.
  • When necessary, the system communicates via e-mail the occurrence of anomalous events that require operator intervention.



Supporting the most popular DBMS and OS


Transparent capture and distribution of data


Simple or complex synchronization rules



Transactional and self-controlled synchronization


Communication of anomalous events




DuploDB® is the tool that guarantees your company, whatever the corporate structure is, a continuous and exact correspondence between all its databases, putting different applications in communication with extreme ease and drastically reducing interfacing and startup times. 



How DuploDB works


It captures the change

made by the applications to the data in the database


It replicates the change

to the target databases


It replicates only the modified data

and not the entire database



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  • Automatic synchronization
  • Application of complex logics of data transformation
  • Data consistency guarantee
  • Information replication speed
  • Low bandwidth occupation
  • Savings of the computing activity
  • Databases are always available, without blocking users' activities
  • Independence from the host information system, geographical location and any program stops
  • Optimization of interaction with databases, data transfer methods and personalization
  • Always stay in full control, through anomaly reporting and monitoring functions



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For whom it is designed


DuploDB® is aimed at companies with distributed information systems, for example:

  • Different databases
  • Different application platforms
  • E-commerce applications
  • Same applications distributed across multiple locations / machines
  • Multiple locations with different applications


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