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Why Duplo

Main Users

The characteristics of Duplo, with its versatility and efficiency, enable different types of users to take immediate and lasting benefits for their organizations or their customers.


The IT Manager or the DBA often face issues related to the data exchange. These requirements typically occur in companies that have separate branches or that have not fully centralized IT functions. Duplo is also the ideal solution for companies with heterogeneous architecture Software / DB (departmental software , portals, etc..), companies that have to ensure a real-time updating of their data to applications of vertical areas such as logistics, e-commerce, CRM, SFA, BI and Datawarehouse.

Software houses

Who produces application solutions, uses Duplo as a communication module between their own application/s and customer's applications, avoiding to manage data exchange interfaces that must be continuously changed.
In other cases, Duplo is used by Software Houses having a range of products covering different functional areas (typically ERP and several departmental procedures); they need to have a unique technology that ensures the real-time alignment of data between the various applications.

System Integrators, Developers, Consultants

System integration and software development activities often need to challenge with the complexity related to the major differences between the new technologies and systems used by the customer. Duplo is used in these cases as a facilitating tool by System Integrators and Developers, capable to simplify the problems related to the interchange of data in real time.