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Why Duplo


Key features of the methodology transfer through the synchronization

  • The process starts when an insert/ipdate/delete action on the source table is performed, therefore it doesn't depend on schedulation or manual tasks.
  • It is extremely fast in carrying variations from one database to another, doing it in a transactional way granting data consinsency
  • It is capable to apply complex logics of data transformation.
  • Several tables can be updated to a single one (tipically in data warehousing logics).
  • There is no need of dedicated resources during the execution process
  • It's deployment is very fast and does not request extended skills in programming languages.
  • Only the indispensable data are moved on the network
  • Transactions are tracked in a very efficient way
  • Limitations of application software can be evidenced by the synchronization tool which tracks them in their efficiency.
  • It is a scalable solution allowing a gradual approach of the problem.

The advantages of synchronization with Duplo