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Why Duplo

Data Transfer

There are several methods to manage data transfer and synchronization is certainly the most flexible and efficient.
Duplo maximizes the advantages of synchronization thanks to its great Specific Advantages: independence, optimization and control.

Why and when data transfer is appropriate for synchronize and integrate them between different applications?
Integration and synchronization of data between different applications can have a big impact in the efficiency of business processes.
For example:

  • How to manage the communication of the logistic package with the business accounting system?
  • How to integrate the data produced by business intelligence software with the main factory database?

Some ERP products offer within a single solution all the functions necessary to a company.
But ... does a single producer have all the technical and functional skills to produce the best software for any business problem?

Quality management, environmental certifications, logistics, knowledge management, business intelligence ... have specific requirements so that only the specialists of that area have the right skills and, consequently, the ability to produce the appropriate software.

Inside the company, in fact, despite the presence of innovative information systems, there are specialized applications that need to communicate with the main factory database to offer the best of their effectiveness.

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