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Which are the minimum requirements for the installation of Duplo?

Regarding AS/400, the minimum system requirements are the following:

  • Java Development Kit 1.5
  • Java Virtual Machine 1.5.0 or higher

If you are installing Duplo on Linux, a fundamental requirement is the presence of Java SDK 1.5 or higher.

Finally, the minimum system requirements if Duplo is installed on Windows are the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Management Studio Express
  • TCP / IP Protocol installed and running
  • Respect of prerequisites and technical limitations of the operating system
  • Duplo module specific of the operating system

Is it possible to change in any moment the configuration settings?

Yes, through the options available in the context menu of the Console Duplo, activated by the right mouse button, you can change the configuration parameters of the Duplo Duplo and systems associated with them.

In which operating system can Duplo be installed?

Duplo is a software written in Java, so it can be installed on any operating system that supports this technology. The Duplo Console, a tool that allows you to configure and monitor the status of Duplo, however, can only be installed on Windows.

How many systems / tables can be synchronized with Duplo?

The number of systems and tables synchronized with Duplo, varies depending on the license purchased.

In the trial version, Duplo allows the configuration of two systems and fifty tables for a period of thirty days. In the Enterprise version, Duplo allows you to configure an unlimited number of systems and tables.

How do I register a new system?

You can record a new system by right-clicking the mouse on the "System" voice, then select "New System". it is necessary, of course, complete all fields configuration.

Are the Duplo Journal Reader and the AS/400 Journal Reader the same thing?

No, to the AS/400 Journal Reader is an own process of the operating system, which captures changes, while the Duplo Journal Reader is the element that processes the changes captured by the trigger or, indeed, by the Journal Reader, in the case of AS/400.

Is it possible to use the Reader Journal on AS/400?

If you want to use the capture mode of changes by Journal Reader, you must perform an additional configuration step. Duplo has the possibility to synchronize in AS/400 differents environments. The system's name is a three-byte ID that identifies the environment that you want to synchronize which appears in the first three bytes of the job's name. The last three bytes of the job's name identifies instance operative Journal Reader. Within an environment, you can submit more Journal Readers. In the typical configuration, the AS / 400 is seen as the only synchronization environment, where we can just have a Journal Reader for journal operative.

Does Duplo work on Linux?

Duplo runs in background, taking control of the console. If closed, terminate would be the process of Duplo. To ensure that this process is not tied to a console, it's necessary to make sure that Duplo is run as a "daemon", in other words a background process related to corrent execution's runlevel. Duplo, therefore, depends on the operating system, is started when you start the system, and is stopped when the machine is turned off or rebooted.