DuploDB® has been designed with the aim of putting in communication the different applications used in your company in real time, without blocking the user operation.

DuploDB®, in fact, manages the synchronization of data in a bidirectional way, thus allowing the updating between different databases regardless of the platform, operating system and geographical location.


How DuploDB works


It captures the change

made by the applications to the data in the database


It replicates the change

to the target databases


It replicates only the modified data

and not the entire database



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Why you should choose DuploDB®?

There are several methods to manage data transfer and synchronization is certainly the most flexible and efficient one.
DuploDB® takes the advantages of synchronization to the highest level thanks to specific advantages:
  • you will be able to work with different databases and platforms
  • it requires no changes to your business software
  • works in real time
  • low bandwidth usage and savings in processing activities
  • speed of replication
  • it can work both in unidirectional and bidirectional way
  • synchronization is automatic
  • you will always have full control over the status of the synchronization


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Case studies


DuploDB is aimed at companies or professionals who manage heterogeneous information systems, such as for example:

  • different databases
  • different software
  • e-commerce applications
  • same applications distributed across multiple locations / machines
  • multiple locations with different applications
  • DB disaster recovery


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